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AutoCAD Services

We've developed programs & routines to track complex information directly on drawing entities ... and also helpful tools for anybody working in AutoCAD. Our programs can be written for any industry that uses AutoCAD - architectural firms, utility industries, construction firms and engineering companies are just some of the people who've had us develop design and inventory applications.

Our Autocad code can be written in a variety of languages: AutoLISP, C+, VB and also stand-alone executables (.EXEs) that help process your AutoCAD information. We aim to write solid code that you can maintain yourselves and not have you beholden to outside programmers for even minor fixes.

Our Approach

We do extensive planning of program requirements - so both customer and programmer are clear about the program parameters and expected performance.

Though Plannedscape handles a variety of web and programming jobs, we are particularly qualified at developing AutoCAD applications. The two programmers here who specialize in this sort of work have previously been employed by Autodesk and also a third-party developer. We have written powerful design and inventory tools as key components to multi-million-dollar projects, and also have provided value with $2000 jobs.

How do we keep this affordable? Our programmers have major development experience but working for Plannedscape, you're paying almost entirely for programmers' time directly and not to a bloated consulting or software company with a lot of overhead.

Past Clients

We recently developed state-of-the-art design tools for a high-end commercial lighting design and installation contractor; we can't go too far into detail but those tools are being developed into a commercial software package.

In 2020, our design apps for a wind energy company in Asia will be in production - with all kinds of sophisticated Autocad custom function.

We started in Autocad with electric utility design software with clients such as: So Cal Edison, Nevada Energy, Puget Sound Energy, Nashville Electric Service, Arizona Public Service, San Diego Gas & Electric, City of Palo Alto, Peninsula Light Company, City of Healdsburg among others.

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