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What We Are Thankful For Professionally

Posted by Plannedscape Staff on 2019-11-28
With today being Thanksgiving, I thought we’d post something nice and simple so I polled all of us at work & our strategic partner frriends about what they’re thankful for professionally. Enjoy and try to remember the good things about your job and change the bad things (when you can).

Happy Thanksgiving!


Adam Hoffman
Graphic & Web Design

What’s the favorite part of your job?: I live for that moment when inspiration begins to gather force behind the hard work of design. It’s like that moment in the ocean when you know you’ve timed the wave perfectly, and you’re about to be swept forward on a wild, powerful ride.

What are you thankful for professionally: In my work, I’m thankful for the opportunities I’ve had to work for some amazing Bay Area non-profits working in smart growth and affordable housing sectors. The long term relationships I’ve built with these organizations have been a connection to movements I feel strongly about.

Robert Gillespie
Software Developer

What’s the favorite part of your job?: Although I love seeing an application finally come together and work properly - which is that magic moment where the code works and this little engine that you've toiled over for months finally smoothly churns its mesh of interlocking gears - I actually must say that nothing compares to being able to poke at a bunch of keys on a keyboard and then improve someone's life. Whether it's seeing people's health being affected or people's daily tasks becoming a bit easier or even people's interactions strengthen, seeing, at the end of the day, people's lives being affected positively brings the greatest joy; and I feel fortunate to be in a role that has that power to help.

What are you thankful for professionally: The tech boom! Am I right?! Wow, what a ride it has been since the mid 90s when the web jump-started the tech revolution. I can't imagine any other profession where all the rules, all the tools, and all the trends change every year, if not every month. It can be exhausting, but change is something to be embraced, and we have to force ourselves to constantly adapt. The tech industry, as a result, is always full of excitement and raw energy. I don't know what type of world this tech snow plow will leave in its wake, but I only hope to be a part of it and help be one of the many thousands of tugboats subtly guiding this unwieldy ship to a beneficial home (see that - so much change going on that even the metaphors switch mid-sentence).

Brad Kuhn
IT, Security Administration, Infrastructure, Virtualization

What’s the favorite part of your job?: I really do love working on a variety of projects in lots of different types of customer environments. It keeps work from becoming stale.

What are you thankful for professionally: My family and I are always traveling so I really appreciate the flexibility and the ability to work from anywhere in the world.

Charlie Recksieck
Business Development, Lead Software Developer

What’s the favorite part of your job?: It sounds corny but I really love figuring out what a business does and being able to translate their work process into useful software design and architecture plans - every client is different. As for the most endorphins being produced, then it’s having some unknown bug or problem driving me nuts for hours or more and then the light bulb appears over my head, it fixes everything and suddenly all is right with the world.

What are you thankful for professionally: I’m thankful for the independence and lifestyle of a small company, and that I can have music playing 24/7 without being in a cubicle. But I’m most thankful for having no bosses for 17 years to report to, other than the clients (and friends) who’ve trusted us to be the ones to help their business and who are counting on us.

Laura Beiser
Affiliate Marketing (Goodsell Marketing)

What’s the favorite part of your job?: Networking with clients and new partners. I love finding out what brings them joy.

What are you thankful for professionally: Having a career that allows me to also be present for my family and friends.

Dan Leighton
Electric Utility Industry Consultant/Expert, Documentation/Training (DL-Consulting)

What’s the favorite part of your job?: Without a doubt the favorite part of my job is solving new client problems. Every different client looks at the world in a different way, and the challenge providing consulting solutions is to find the right solutions that make sense and can be delivered in a cost-effective and maintainable fashion while staying true to the client's view of the world.

What are you thankful for professionally: From a professional standpoint I'm thankful for a lot - but I think I'd put the fact that my mother insisted I take typing in summer school after the 6th grade as #1. Typing well lets me write down, revise, and clarify my plans and ideas almost at the speed of thought - truly something to be thankful for.

Kevin Walker
Procurement / Channel Partner, Principal (Procuretech)

What’s the favorite part of your job?: The satisfaction I get when I’ve finished a project that had some challenges along the way and took that extra mile to get it over the finish line to my customer’s apprections.

What are you thankful for professionally: I’m thankful for the support my vendors offer to us to help us keep pace with the ever-changing technology world. On line certifications and authorizations we’ve earned over the years