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Software Services For Utility Companies

Our experience developing applications for individual utility companies is unparalleled. We have worked for Autodesk, written software and developed countless plug-ins and applications for major electric utility companies all across North America.

Not many software consultants understand what works for utility companies when it comes to software. Nobody, not even the product developers themselves, can match our specialized expertise for utility design.


We've done configuration, code, customization, tools and interfaces for a wide-range of utility companies such as: So Cal Edison, Nevada Energy, Puget Sound Energy, Nashville Electric Service, Arizona Public Service, San Diego Gas & Electric, City of Palo Alto, Peninsula Light Company, City of Healdsburg among others.

By 2023 we are going to production with a comprehensive estimation tool for a wind energy company in Southeast Asia.

Plannedscape develops and maintains code for internal company design tools, APIs and web services to let different departments to safely share data and also sophisticated customer facing apps/products for the facilities maintenance and reliability industry.


Consulting - Do you need an experienced eye to review your plans? Do you want us on your side during a critical meeting? Hiring us for even a one-day consultancy can save you and your projects.

Custom Application/Tools - We know how frustrating it is for you to try to use out-of-the-box software for sensitive and complex duties like yours. We'll develop programs or plug-ins to make things run smoothly.

APIs/Interfaces - There are lots of moving parts in a tech company and let's face it, if you work at a utility then you work in a tech company. We can get your GIS, Design, Material, Work Order Management and all of your departments to share info with each other. We can build custom interfaces or more standardized REST or SOAP APIs.

Start things off by e-mailing us at info @ or calling 858-337-2211.

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