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Does Your Website Have Broken Links?
It's A Simple Question ... With A Simple Answer

Posted by Charlie Recksieck on 2022-02-10
Finally, a simple post with a clear message and call to action from us. This is for anybody with a website, which I believe is almost everybody?

Are There Broken Links On Your Site?

You may be linking a few pages on the web or a great many. Your links may be a lot of internal ones or more external, most likely a mixture. You may have only a one-page website or a network of a lot of interconnected public pages.

No matter what the case, having broken links are bad form. If they are internal links to your own site that are busted, it's in your power to fix it. If you are providing hyperlinks to things that don't exist, not only should you remove the link but it's also good for you to know that website doesn't exist anymore.

Free Tools

We use a free tool called Broken Link Check. Or you can find plenty of others in a Google search.

To be clear, we are not paid endorsers or partners with Broken Link Check in any way. We are just cheap and it's a good service. The free version allows up to 3000 pages on your site to be crawled and you get an excellent report:

As you can see, you get a convenient list to take you to your page or your URL where the broken URL is. From there, it should be relatively easy for you to fix.

And ...

For once, there's no extra complexity to it. No "ifs", "ands" or "butts". In the future, we'll circle back to this topic to show you some major companies blowing this on their own sites. And we'll add this to a regular website maintenance calendar plan for you.

But for now, class dismissed. You have your homework assignment.