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Step Away From The Desk
Take A Break

Posted by Charlie Recksieck on 2021-06-03
Why don't you step away from your desk or your phone right now?
Strike that for just a couple of minutes after you finish reading this. THEN, step away from your desk

Dog Walk

I just now took a walk with my dog Dave. I've been putting off walking him this morning because I felt I had so much to do. Yes, it's true that I have a lot to do. But I always have a lot to do. I'd bet that you also always have a lot to do.

In the time that I stepped away with the dog, ostensibly "doing nothing" I accomplished the following things:

1) Got into sunlight and produced Vitamin D
2) Smiled
3) Got my heart rate up
4) Stopped obsessing about a code problem (which probably will be more easily solved in 30 minutes)
5) Came up with an idea for this week's blog and came back to write it
6) Exercised
7) Saw other human beings outside of my office
8) Extended the health and life of both my dog and myself

The Fallacy Of Powering-Through

We all kind of know that stepping away from the desk is a good idea, yet we still don't do it. Why? We don't want to be caught not visibly working? Just 10 more minutes on a task would surely bring a breakthrough? We feel more responsible slaving away?

Which do you think your employer (or customers would prefer): You putting your head down and stressing for 8 hours today, or having you fresh and motivated working for 7 hours today?
That was a rhetorical question.

My Friend Andy

Let me give the last word to a good friend of mine, Andrew Fiala, who is a philosophy professor at Fresno State University, frequent author, newspaper columnist, interesting thinker and a great friend who I believe has a better-than-most handle on how to live a life.

I'll tease you with this quote from Andy: "The world does not feel like a home to those who do not live fully within it." We are not yet in the Matrix or living through avatars. Until that day has really come, don't give up on going outside.

Anyway, I really urge you to read his full article on why it's more important than ever in this online era to get outside: