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To Channel Partner or Not to Channel Partner ...
Working With Customers AND Brands

Posted by Kevin Walker on 2019-10-03
Editor’s Note: Kevin runs Procuretech, a San Diego based purchasing company, and a terrific partner here at Plannedscape. Their business is providing hardware/software procurement services. In this article, Kevin describes how companies like his give clients a smart strategic advantage and saves them in both resources and costs while enhancing value ... in addition to illustrating how channel partners like Procuretech are an extension and representation of manufacturers.

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To Channel Partner or Not to Channel Partner

That is the question. When we look at this option, we often ask ourselves what are the advantages and disadvantages. We want to make the best decision that we can to achieve an ultimate outcome of success. We work under various work conditions with the stress levels running very high. We need the correct solution with correct technology delivered in the correct amount of time that will match our budget. We don't want to run into difficulties midway thru our project with late or incorrect deliveries, or worse, incompatible product. And god forbid if we need to exchange product or services. Yikes you can hear it now: "You need how much more time and money, I have workers sitting idle". Yes, we've all been there.

The Ties Between Vendors and Channel Partners

To that end its imperative that you engage the channel. We as a channel partner are just that: "partners" with all major vendors. We have relationships that we have built over the years with them. They know and trust us with their products and services. We spend our time training and getting certified on their products and services. When we engage vendors with projects, they in turn review and assist in making sure the correct integration will be successful. Often they will do an on-site visit to assure end users that we are all together if project requires it. Both vendors and channel partners are at the ready to help you the customer be successful in all your endeavors.


Add to that the deeper discounts that are often given to partners who are working hand in hand with the vendors and you begin to see the advantages start to mount up. Going through a partner a customer can usually take advantage of rebates on the back end, valued upgrades with support services built in and even training, be it web-based or even onsite. We keep you updated with renewal notices and new release dates that you won't get from the standard "online" web-based sites.

Bottom Line

These are just a few of the many advantages of going thru a channel partner. We at Procuretech make it our business to help you the customer achieve the highest level of success with the lowest amount of stress.