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Posted by Charlie Recksieck on 2019-06-13
Welcome to Plannedscape's blog. (Catchy name: TBD)

Upon redesign of our site in June 2019, one of the reasons we wanted to overhaul the site was to also have a good place for more content and keep the site from being so static. It's what we always recommend to clients, so it's about time we take our own advice.

We simultaneously have three target audiences: 1) Software developers and other tech types, 2) People with a general business perspective and a little less tech-savvy or at least more "high level" than in the programming trenches, and 3) People with no professional interest in computing but generally find this sort of thing interesting. Full disclosure: Group 2 is who we have a vested interest in appealing to, as they theoretically would be potential clients. But we'll try to figure out the right blend of these three emphases, it will evolve.

One thing we do believe it's really important to promise and live up to is consistency. We don't know if any of you have had grandiose plans about a "Latest News" section of your web site then smash cut to your most recent post being from 2016. Nothing turns off your community more than going dark. One of the keys for the "WTF" podcast's success Marc Maron attributes to the fact that he never misses a week. It's always there on Mondays and Thursdays. We all need to run our business that consistently, whether it's a regular blog feature or regular data backups. No excuses.

We coded and are hosting this blog ourselves (more on that in a planned, future post). But to start, we are disabling comments. From running sites for clients, even WordPress ones with good built-in comment moderating features, unless you have a vibrant posting community, the majority of "comments" are from spam bots (also the subject of another future post).

For now, if you want to reach us - just us the contact form on our page or hit us up on social media (links at bottom). Correct us when we're wrong, let us know what you'd like to say, hit us if you have a question or feel free to just say Hi.

Thanks and we're looking forward to getting into a variety of topics.