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Welcome To The Blog
A Few Notesx)

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Business/Life Lessons From Game Of Thrones
Success Is Comingx)

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Designers Gonna Design, Programmers Gonna Google
Looking Up What You Don't Knowx)

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Independent's Day
Mostly Pros (Some Cons) About Small Software Firmsx)

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When Is A List An Integer?
A Cool Trick, Should You Need Itx)

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Staff Work Principles
Lessons From My High School Teacherx)

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Political Debate Bingo is Up!
Making Politics Fun Againx)

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Show Some Love For PDL
Great Way To Design Code & Document It At The Same Timex)

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Technology In Movies (Part 1)
Rating the Computers, Robots, Programmers, Droids, Hackers and

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Technology In Movies (Part 2)
Rating the Computers, Robots, Programmers, Droids, Hackers and

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Google Dorking
How to Use It, How To Protect Yourself From itx)

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Everybody Winsx)

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Telecommuting (Part 2)
Everybody Winsx)

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Should You Blog?
Go Ahead, Show Us You're An Expert!x)

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"It's Our People That Make The Difference" ... Uh-oh
Do Better Than That With Your Brand Marketingx)

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Life/Business/Software Lessons From The Big Lebowski
The Dude Abidesx)

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To Channel Partner or Not to Channel Partner ...
Working With Customers AND Brandsx)

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What's An API (Part 1)
The Basicsx)

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What's An API (Part 2)
Operating Systems APIsx)

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What's An API (Part 3)
Application APIsx)

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What's An API (Part 4)
Web Services and APIsx)

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Everything My Dad Taught Me About Advertising (But You Weren't Afraid To Ask)
Grant Recksieck On Advertisingx)

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Programming Languages - Part 1: Lifespan of Languages
How Long Do They Stick Aroundx)

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Programming Languages - Part 2: Choosing A Language
Advice Depending On Your Situationx)

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What We Are Thankful For Professionallyx)

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How Advertising Works, and Why You Should Care (Part 1)
Why Do Ads Work On The Brainx)

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How Advertising Works, and Why You Should Care (Part 2)
How Do You Know If Your Ads Work?x)

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Set Up A "Work Date"
Creative, Energizing Places To Work Outside Of The Officex)

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End Of Year Web Maintenance
Big Or Small Companies: Quick Things To Dox)

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What Do We Want To Do Better/Differently In 2020
Our New Year's Resolutionsx)

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Skills Tests: What You Do Or Don't Know Can Help You
An Argument For Giving Yourself Skills Assessmentsx)

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Your Site Might Be Better Than ATT, Apple, Walmart
We Look At "Fortune 10" Company Sitesx)

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Estimating Bug Fixes
"2 Hours Or 2 Days"x)

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Audit Your Site
Checklist To Evaluate The Health Of Your Websitex)

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Kobe Bryant, What It Takes To Be Successful (In The NBA)
Part 1: The NBAx)

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Kobe Bryant, What It Takes To Be Successful (In Life)
Part 2: What Is Success?x)

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Screwing Up Can INCREASE Customer Loyalty?
Handling A Problem Wellx)

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Affiliate Marketing: A Case Study
The Sleefs Ambassador Programx)

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Reading Autocad DWGs When Closed
The .ReadDWGFile Methodx)

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Alternative SEO Besides Google
Some Great Search Engines Aren't Search Enginesx)

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So Now You're Working At Home (Part 1)
A Helpful Telecommuting Primerx)

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So Now You're Working At Home (Part 2)
How It Changes Your Life, Your Business & Societyx)

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The Argument Settler
Sock, Shoe, Sock, Shoe vs. Sock, Sock, Shoe, Shoex)

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Staging: What's Between Development and Production
Environmentally Conscious x)

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How Much Data To Collect On Signup/Contact
Don't Turn Off New Prospects With Too Many Fieldsx)

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Counting Sheep
Maintaining Brand Equity with Multi-Category Brandsx)

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Fantasy Football & Work & Time Wasted (Part 1)
Sometimes A Fantasy Is All You Needx)

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Fantasy Football & Work & Time Wasted (Part 2)
Sometimes A Fantasy Is All You Needx)

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Brownfield vs. Greenfield (Part 1)
aka Existing Code vs. Starting Overx)

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Brownfield vs. Greenfield (Part 2)
aka Existing Code vs. Starting Overx)

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You Are Lucky
Things I Should Acknowledge Before Running My Mouth About Riotsx)

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Out Of Sight, Everything Is Alrightx)

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Help Me Help You
Managers' Golden Rulex)

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Protesting: Having An Objective
"A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish"x)

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Autocad Regression Testing
Use A Macro (Or Action Recorder)x)

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Business/Life Lessons From Cameron Crowe Movies
Say Everything: More Life Lesson Than Business Lessonx)

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Handling A Software Developer
Things To Know About Programmersx)

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Is Organic Search Dead?
Why I'm Happy It Might Bex)

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Case Study #1: 2014 Utility Company Upgrade
Spoiler Alert: Taking Time = Successx)

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Case Study #1: 2014 Utility Company Upgrade (Part 2)
Good Decisions, AutoCAD and Otherwisex)

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Adjusting Your Business Needs To A Pandemic
Direct Dealers For Hardware/Softwarex)

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The Old Construction Vs. Software Analogy
I Still Like Itx)

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Treat Yo' Self
Buy A Good Laptopx)

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Seinfeld, Plots, Premises and Technology
Would They Hold Up?x)

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Subdomain Security
The Public Can See Your Subdomains, FYIx)

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Most Influential Books On My Career - Part 1
Software Developer Editionx)

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Most Influential Books On My Career - Part 2
More Generic, Business-Relatedx)

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Ultra-Wide Screens (Part 1: The Web)
Everything Looks Differentx)

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Ultra-Wide Screens (Part 2: Web Design)
Does Your Site Need To Accommodate It?x)

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Finally, A Short Blog Post From Usx)

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AutoCAD and APIs (Part 1)
I Define An "API" (Again)x)

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AutoCAD and APIs (Part 2)
Getting You Startedx)

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AutoCAD and APIs (Part 3)
Taking A Lookx)

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Geek Speak!
Cheatsheet For Software Termsx)

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Write Your First Python Program In 10 Minutes
Even If You've Never Programmed Beforex)

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Thanks Again!
What We Are Thankful For Professionallyx)

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Worker Attributes - A Thought Experiment
Stupid vs. Smart, Lazy vs. Industriousx)

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Free Website (Or App/Code) Review
Merry Christmas From Usx)

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Storing Passwords In Bookmarks
A Good Bad Ideax)

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One Less Blog Post In The World
A Low-Stakes Controversyx)

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Zoom Etiquette
Save Time ... And Embarrassmentx)

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Even More Important Than Cybersecurityx)

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Advice To Client Dabbling In SEO
A Real Client Email This Weekx)

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Step Away From The Desk
Take A Breakx)

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How Much Should I Tweet
Or When Would I Unfollow You?x)

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No Assumptions When You Are Designing
Too Close To Itx)

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The Great Facebook Outage of 2021
Wha Happened?x)

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Lies and Damned Lies in One Statistic
Evolution of a Misleading Infographicx)

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BS BS Podcast BS
Riding Bill Simmons Podcast Coattailsx)

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60 Songs About Technology And Progress
Or Kinda About Technologyx)

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Find My Version Of .NET Framework
Where To Find Your .NET Versionx)

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Things I Learned About Software From Things Tina Fey Learned About Producing From Lorne Michaels
Part 1: Creativity Overrated thru It's Showtimex)

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Things I Learned About Software From Things Tina Fey Learned About Producing From Lorne Michaels
Part 2: Nerds thru Crazy Peoplex)

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Thanksgiving 2021
Gratitude At Work And At Homex)

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Twitter Lists - Are You Using Them?
Improve Your Twitter Life: A Primer To Curated Listsx)

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Caching: Speed, Efficiency & The Right Thing To Do
Tips For Web Browsers ... And Web Developersx)

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PUXies Awards Nominees (1st Annual)
"Plannedscape UX (User Experience Awards)" for Outstanding Interfacesx)

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Top 10 Software Stories of 2021
Quick Explanations and Takesx)

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Robots.txt File
You Have One On Your Website, Right?x)

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Helping You Through A MySQL Migrationx)

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Supply Chain Problems?

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3 Tips to Make Your Software Rollouts Simple and Hassle-Free
Planning For Successx)

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Does Your Website Have Broken Links?
It's A Simple Question ... With A Simple Answerx)

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Thank You Cards
Trust Us On This Onex)

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Sports Quotes
Find Some Inspirationx)

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Memory Hogs (Part 1)
Problem Child Example Of A Memory Leak Websitex)

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Memory Hogs (Part 2)
Problem Child Example Of A Memory Leak Websitex)

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Should You Market Your Business Yourself?
Farming It Out vs. Doing It in-Housex)

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Social Media Calendar
If You Don't Have One, Let's Make You One Nowx)

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5 Not So Innocuous Code Changes
Unforced Errors In Software Deploymentx)

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Gas Prices
My Two Cents To Keep In Mindx)

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Broken Links - Big Sites
Even Huge Companies Have A Hard Timex)

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Voice Search SEO
If You Ain't First, You're Lastx)

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Tweety Awards
Honoring Excellence In Twitter Embarrassmentx)

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Cron Jobs
How To Automate Almost Anything On Your Websitex)

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Working Interviews
If It Doesn't Smell Right, Don't Do Themx)

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Authorizing Office 365 Fix
"Sorry, we can't connect to your account. Please check your internet connection, and then try again." Solutionx)

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Using GPS - Part 1 (AutoCAD)
Geolocation And AutoCADx)

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Using GPS - Part 2 (Web Design)
Employing Geolocation On Your Websitex)

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Life/Business/Software Lessons From Boogie Nights
"This Is The One They'll Remember Us By"x)

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Unclaimed Property: Get Your $$$
What Unclaimed Property Is And How To Get Itx)

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What In A Good Code Routine - Pt 1
And How Long Should A Routine Bex)

133 (0.0) 1x
What In A Good Code Routine - Pt 2
Let's Make A Lasagna x)

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Website Maintenance Schedule
How Often, What To Do, Whenx)

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Destined To Work With Data
A Software Designer's Origin Storyx)

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Compromised Mac
Basic Checklist Of Triage Responsesx)

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Facebook Pros And CONS
Part 1: The Bad Stuffx)

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Facebook PROS And Cons
Part 2: The Good Stuffx)

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History Manipulation
Why Doesn't Your Back Button Work?x)

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Market To Others As You Would Market To Yourself
The Golden Rule For Marketingx)

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Tulip Mania
Reminds Anybody Of Cryptocurrency?x)

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Use Some Tech In Your Writing
Cleanup Those Unforced Errorsx)

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How Often To Update Software - Part 1
The Why Of "How Often"x)

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How Often To Update Software - Part 2
Our Thoughtsx)

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Comedy Club Websites
Is There A Reason They Have To Look So Badx)

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Cookie Sheets Metaphor
How To Work Smarter Instead Of Harderx)

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Case Study - Migrating App To New Owner
Successful Transition Examplex)

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Staging Area For Your Website
Definition, Staging vs. Testing & Practical Advicex)

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PHP 7.4 End Of Life
What's Gained, What's Lost, What To Knowx)

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Professional Diversity
Another Kind Of Diversityx)

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5 Gripes
Grandpa Socks It To Yelp, Twitter and Recipe Sitesx)

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Memorable Advertising
What Small Businesses Can Learn From Giant Adsx)

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Query Related Articles From DB
For Blogs and Suchx)

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Twitter - Thumbs Up/Down?
Should You Stay Or Should You Go?x)

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